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I use my life experiences of a child who did not belong, being bullied, an adult married to a narcissist, a single mother to empower my clients while guiding them to reach an understanding of their magnificent abilities and enlightens the minds of those who struggle to find their way.

Born in a beautiful little town called Remetske Hamre in Slovakia, I was surrounded by endless nature and animals.  Growing up I felt different, suspected I was adopted because I did not fit with my family. I always had a yearning to go home. I had experiences that I early on learned not to share family and friends.  I knew stuff I should not have, I remembered experiences that would happen in the future. I could sense and talk to people that were not alive anymore. The hardest part was that I had no one to talk about my experiences, I had no direction how to deal with all of that. After local the local priest told me I would go straight to hell after I asked for help, I started thinking about suicide.   I tried to close myself to any experiences, to be “normal”. I was always shy with nonexistent self-confidence.  I became a perfect target for a narcissist.  I moved to the United States, lived through a stressful time of being an immigrant married to an abusive man and then a single mother.

After arriving in the US, I came across the book by Louise Hay called Love your life. I learned that they are more people like me and dove into finding any information I can. Studying at University of Metaphysical science and gaining the highest level at Reconnective healing a started helping others.

Now, I devote my life to be in service. I am the person I needed when I was a child. I am a healer, a teacher, a friend.

Combination of my 318-healing service, Soul connection, and Counseling, there is a harmony of the powerful tools to support my clients on their journey to timelessness and joy.
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